Our entire experience in working with you on the SimulEye for MIGS was wonderful.
— Carrie Braden, Young Eye Surgeon (YES) Program Manager
SimulEYE has been a game changer for us!
— John Craig, VP Ellex iSciences
The models were a huge success and were the highlight of the wet-lab!
— Michael Vaughn, Sales Representative, MicroSurgical Technology
We have virtually eliminated our use of pig eyes as a result of the high quality and functionality of the SimulEYE model eyes.
— Kevin Miller, MD
First and foremost, your commitment to customer service is exceptional.
— David A. Spence, Alcon Surgical
The products we have used from Dr. Stoll for our resident-education programs are excellent!
— Joy McNew, Key Account Manager Teaching Institutions, Johnson and Johnson Vision
I want to take an opportunity to say how well the UltraSert demonstrations went thanks in large part to your artificial eyes.
— Brian Holmes, Surgical Sales, Cataract Account Manager - Los Angeles
The SimulEYE models have significantly elevated the quality of our lab training.
— Robert Osher, MD
Cataract Surgery, Telling It Like It Is!
SimulEYE has made pig eyes nearly obsolete.
— Michael E. Snyder, MD
We looked at various models for teaching Yamane ISHF and found SimulEYE to be superior to animal, human and other artificial eyes. SimulEYE performed incredibly well for us and I strongly recommend it.
— Steve Safran, MD
These eyes are awesome!!!
— Deepinder Dhaliwal, MD
The realism of the synthetic vitreous is incredible!
— Lisa Brothers Arbisser, MD